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Buying, Letting & Selling

The Property Ownership Lifecycle

We can hold your hand through the three critical stages of property investment. Buying a property, making sure it creates income through renting the property and selling for profit.

We don’t work with everyone or anyone. We do work extraordinary hours and weekends for our clients. Communication is literally the key difference between a successful relationship that is profitable and a “take the money now” attitude that you probably have been let down with in the past.

Property Rental Management
1. Property Buyers Agent

We handpick the developers (and projects) that we work with and only recommend properties that suit your needs. Years of experience and our network of advisors massively increase the probability that your investment returns are profitable.

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2. Property Rental Management

The reason why our occupancy rate o retals is so successful is because we don’t rent to just anyone. We combine solid data with our local knowledge and “feel” for tenants that results in quality long-term income for rental properties.

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3. Property Sales Specialist

Here comes the fun part! We all know that property markets are cyclical, which is why we never advise selling at loss, unless you have better use for the capital elswhere or to offset income. But what you really want is access to our network of qualified buyers. And our network is fueled by results.

4. Why contacting me is worth your time
4. Why contacting me is worth your time

“A conversation doesn’t cost anything. My philosophy is simple – trust creates repeat business. My phone rings constantly because I have buyers wanting to invest, sellers looking for the right buyer, and in between properties that need quality renters.”

Josh Mezger – Director, Dome Properties.

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